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Say Yes to Yourself!

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I had a great career, an awesome wardrobe, a cute home and a full social calendar that anyone else might be jealous of. I had done well in school and got the job of my dreams, jetsetting across the world and rubbing elbows with CEO’s and Managers. I was climbing the corporate ladder quickly and knew I would be in charge soon. 

Yet, underneath the success, I felt lost, confused, overworked, and lonely. I was constantly choosing emotionally toxic friendships and romantic relationships but couldn’t figure out why.  I was burnt out from people pleasing and overachieving but didn’t even realize what the problem was! 

One day I realized, “there has to be more than this”. I was searching for a deeper meaning in my life. I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more. 

 So, I quit my corporate job and starting a career in massage therapy and the healing arts. I thought this was the answer, but realized I had only repeated the people pleasing, overachieving pattern but this time, it was all on me. I burnt myself out growing a million dollar healing practice and giving away all of my time, money and happiness to the sole survival of my business. WHOOPS!

Being the overachieving “straight A” student I was, I read all the self help books, bought all the self help online courses and did all the things.

After years spent pursuing my own love, joy and happiness I started noticing a much deeper pattern in all of these lessons.  

So what’s that one secret sauce ingredient? 

Loving Yourself. 

There is just one problem. 

What the HECK does loving yourself even mean? 

Well, that’s where I can help!

10 plus years ago,  I started to learn what self love really is. And now,  I want to share that process with you.

Life is short.

Let me help you fast forward to the good parts so you can start loving yourself and living your best life now!